Founded by John Legend in 2014, #FREEAMERICA is a campaign to transform America’s criminal justice system. When 70 million individuals across the country have a criminal record, mass incarceration can only be categorized as an epidemic due to decades of misguided policies and practices.

To kick off the campaign in 2014, #FREEAMERICA and John Legend traveled the country on a Listening & Learning tour to understand the challenges facing individuals impacted by the criminal justice system. Each tour stop was an opportunity to meet with and learn from the currently and formerly incarcerated, their families, law enforcement, district attorneys, and advocates who are working every day to create widespread change.

Today, #FREEAMERICA strives to build thriving, just, and equitable communities by giving every person freedom from the systemic hurdles that hold them back and the opportunity to unlock their greatest potential. By highlighting human stories, supporting innovation projects, and encouraging productive policy change, #FREEAMERICA aims to amplify the conversation about mass incarceration at the local, state, and national levels.

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