John Legend and this former prosecutor have one goal: keep teens out of prison

  • July 6, 2016
Via: , July 6, 2016

Adam Foss doesn’t look like your average prosecutor. He wears his hair in long dreadlocks that flow down to his ankles, and beaded bracelets ornate his wrists. He spent eight years as an assistant district attorney in Boston, but rather than focusing on high conviction rates or projecting a “tough on crime” attitude, he has been far more interested in alternatives to incarceration, and on keeping juvenile offenders out of prison.

Foss’s efforts might have ended there, making tweaks on the fringes of a flawed system, but in 2015, he met singer John Legend, who is no stranger to activism. Now the two want to change the way prosecutors nationwide think about their job, and to recruit them into the war against mass incarceration.